Friday, September 30, 2005


Buíochas le Dia an Aoine! Is fearr liom Aoine! Ní beidh mé ag obair amarach! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Save 16 Moore St.

A Chairde,

Please sign the petition to Save 16 Moore Street, the final HQ of the
Army of the Irish Republic in 1916. It's about to be turned into a supermarket.
If you find this repulsive and would like to see the building preserved
as a museum please take a moment to sign below.
It takes 30 seconds to sign - please forward to all your contacts

Táim ag obair :(

Táim ag obair :( Ní maith liom ag obair! Tá súil agam go beidh mé ar saoire go luath. Is mian liom go raibh mé in Éirinn arís! Rachaidh mé go Éirinn i mBealtaine nó i Meán Fómhair le mo teaghlach.

I think I will post some more pictures of my trip later today or tomorrow. It makes me happy looking at them.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Táim Tuirseach Innú

Táim tuirseach innú. I worked late last night and stayed up late watching Nip/Tuck. Does anyone watch that show? It gets more bizarre and risky every week.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Beautiful Irish scenery

We visited alot of Ireland while we were there. Bhí Éirinn go hálainn... I really loved it. We went to Newgrange and Blarney Castle. I got to stay in the Purcell Castle (below) . I collected holy water for my Uncle in a Holy Well. It was just so beautiful and green.


Bhí mé i Éirinn i Lúnasa agus Meán Fómhair le mo chairde. Chuaigh muid go Caisleán Baile Ath Triom i gContae Meath. Braveheat was filmed here. It was a very pretty area.

Monday, September 26, 2005

More about the Celt Classic

We saw several great bands at the Celt Classic. One was called Baka Beyond, they were a blend of Irish and African music, a very interesting mixture. The other was the Barley Boys, they were wonderful! They had a great rendition of Star of the County Down. We did alot of walking around and drinking too.

Táim ag léamh

Táim ag léamh an leabhar Across the Baricades le Joan Lingard. Is leabhar maith é. Its about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, set int he 70s. It gives a good insight into both the Catholic and Protestant mind-set at the time. Is seanleabhar é. I borrowed it at my library.

Celt Classic Continued

Bhí rang Gaeilge ag an Celt Classic i mBethlehem. Ba é Kevin Fredricks an múinteoir. Ní raibh an rang go maith. Bhí sé gan ord. This man claims to be a fluent Irish speaker who studied in the Gaeltacht, in reality he was trained by my teacher in PA. He's a liar so if you are looking to take Irish classes in PA beware of him.

Celt Classic

Bhí mé ag an Celtic Classic i mBethlehem an deireadh seachtaine seo caite. Bhí sé go maith. Bhí mé ansin Dé Domhnaigh le mo teaglach. Bhí an amsir go breá, bhí sé fionnuar agus scamallach. Bhí sin ceart go leor agam.... ní maith liom an theas agus an ghrían.

The Celt Classic is a great time and if you have any interest in that type of thing I recommend that you go.