Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Beautiful Irish scenery

We visited alot of Ireland while we were there. Bhí Éirinn go hálainn... I really loved it. We went to Newgrange and Blarney Castle. I got to stay in the Purcell Castle (below) . I collected holy water for my Uncle in a Holy Well. It was just so beautiful and green.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Cionaodh said...

Tá do ghrianghrafaíocht go hálainn!

(BTW, reverse the "i" and "a" of "go hálainn" in your post, a chara, it presently reads "go háliann")

For any beginner Irish language learners reading these comments -- a good rule to remember about Irish spelling is that on either side of a syllable break you'll have the same type of vowel - broad or slender. The vowels a, o & u are broad, e & i are slender. In Irish we say "Caol le caol 's leathan le leathan" (slender with slender & broad with broad). The only words which do not follow this rule are usually loan-words or compound words, and they are relatively few in number.

So to look at a word like "álainn" you'll know that "áliann" is a typo because "a" is broad" & "i" is slender, so they shouldn't be on either side of the syllable break from one another.

This spelling convention, BTW, accounts for many "unpronounced" vowels in Irish words.


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